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- Two powerful 55 watt high output halogen lamps
- Activates automatically when vehicle is in reverse
- Produces 130,000 candlepower of light
- Toggle switch on unit allows manual operation
- Sturdy high impact case
- Easy to install and compact in size

The White Night mounts to your truck's receiver hitch and features two H3 55 watt high-output halogen lamps (130,000 candle power of light) in a high impact black plastic case. The lamps are angled to throw an 80-foot spread of white light whenever the vehicle is in reverse. So whether your camping and in need of a quick light source, or just trying not to back into your neighbor's pickett fence, the White Night Light System will be an asset to you and your truck.

Part #0004196

Step Bumper Mount
Retail Price $199.95

This unit is designed for vehicles with a step type rear bumper that does not have a receiver type hitch. The aluminum mounting bracket mounts to the bottom of the bumper. The mounting bracket has a 7/8" wide x 1-1/2 " long slot which allows the use of a trailer ball for mounting the light unit. The light unit can also be secured by bolting to the bumper if a trailer ball is not desired. The mount allows adjustment up and down to enable mounting the unit as close to the bottom of the bumper as possible.

NOTE: All light units have a 3 position toggle switch on the back which allows for 3 modes of operation. In one position the light unit is automatically activated when the vehicle is placed in reverse. Center position is off. The 3rd position allows manual operation.
ATTENTION: The most common cause of a rear lighting system not to function correctly on a Ford or GM vehicle has nothing to do with the light unit itself. From the factory the fuses or relays for the 12 volt power wire on the vehicle's 7-pin trailer wiring plug are not installed. The included directions detail how to easily resolve this issue.


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