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Single order includes 2 lamps so if your vehicle needs 4 lamps as shown on the Camaro example order quantity of 2. In the notes section include your exact model and year. Depending on your size and what is in stock the lamps and bulbs may appear different than shown.

Many older model of vehicles use sealed beam housings. Sealed beam housings emit dangerously low light output and when the light goes out the entire lamp must be replaced. BlingLights now offers an easy solution that keeps the factory look of the headlight while dramatically increasing light output and accepts your choice of common size halogen, HID or LED bulbs. The new composite headlights utilize computer designed reflectors for a better beam pattern versus sealed beam. By combining the better beam pattern with modern replaceable bulbs the difference is night and day. Best of all the lights look so much like the original sealed beams they appear stock when not in use.

Along with the composite headlights we include a set of premium super white halogen bulbs that are twice as bright as your old sealed beams. For even brighter output contact us for an HID combo.


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